Soy, Tofu, and Tempeh!

Hey lovely babies! So it’s been awhile and mea culpa. I’ve got exciting/stress inducing news, but that post will wait until it’s a sure thing (no jinxies, please).

So what have I been up to lately?  Well, perfecting and promoting tofu, that’s what.  Tofu brochettes are extremely profitable for my lovely lady friends (income generation, hello); it’s roughly 7,000 CFA profit per batch! (What the WHAT?)  Yeah, you heard me.

So here’s the recipe Tofu Au Cameroun:


3kg untreated dry soy beans, three ladles of red wine vinegar, spices (here that’s Maggi cube, hot pepper powder (piment) and salt), a clean cloth diaper, and water

Step1. Soak soy beans for roughly 7-10 hours, drain and grind into a smooth paste (will resemble homemade ice cream, yum)

Step 2.  Take the cloth diaper and squeeze out the milk.  The soy curds can be saved to put into sauce.

Step 3.  Place soy milk in a large pot and bring to a boil.  (At this point you can sweeten and drink as milk).

Step 4.  Add vinegar.  Leave on heat for 5 minutes, then remove from heat and wait for the mixture to coagulate.

Step 5. Once it is cooled to touch take the cloth diaper and squeeze out excess water (and throw out).

Step 6.  Mix in spices to the meet.  Wrap in the diaper and tie securely.  Place under a large rock and allow it to set for 15 minutes (this creates a dense, firm tofu)

Step 7. (optional) Cut tofu into half inch cubes and fry in palm oil until crisp.  When cooled place meat on brochettes and sell for 100 cfa.  Enjoy!


I’ve been on a cooking kick and reading my new favorite blog:  Sweet Tater Blog. Tater’s got all sorts of delicious recipes and funny anecdotes.  Her blog inspired me to learn about Tempeh, another soy-based vegetarian must-have.  Please visit this great site to learn all about Tempeh (and even get your own free Tempeh starter delivered to your door!) 

Give tofu transformation a try!  (And let me know how it works out in the Comments section).


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