Like Chasing My Tail

I met with the Prefet to Baham today and discussed the possibility of taking another adjacent lot next to the property for the Orphanage and Center for Children with Disabilities.  Unfortunately, whatever small chance there was before is no more.  So no problem.  Went to speak with the man helping us prepare documents and design the layout to the buildings and was informed that I must pay a 600.000 FCFA (1,200 USD) fee to pay for the designing, printing of blue prints, finding an architect, and a ‘building visa’.  I begged to have this done free to be reimbursed after I have the financing, I can after all legitimately put this in the budget under labor costs.  But no.  So now I’m at a loss.  I need those plans and budget to send in my grant request, but I need to pay this fee before the budget and plans are drawn up.  Catch-22!  I’ve requested the advice from my APCD Mr. Tiki Manga and am waiting to hear from him.  I may have to resort to begging my fellow volunteers (if this is allowed).  I’m hoping there will be no more Snafus because these children deserve this new center.

Waiting for the rain to clear up, then I’m heading out the door to hit the trails.  A nice, long, leisurely jog in the mountains to take my mind off life’s stressors.  Then maybe a quick visit to the children I’m doing this for.  Keep us in your thoughts.  Je vous en prie!


One thought on “Like Chasing My Tail

  1. Hi Elizabeth,

    I wanted to introduce myself and see if I could help with funding your center. If you could send me a few more details on its purpose, your involvement, sustainability of the project after you leave Cameroon, I can possibly make a donation.

    Also, I’m interested in your cultural awareness input for a country study I’m producing for USN men and women (non-profit, academic use only). If you email me, I’ll be glad to send the Powerpoint to you to review. I’m looking for cultural vignettes, anything to help our Navy personnel become culturally competent while working with host nationals. Africa Partnership Station is coming up early next year, and there will be multiple engagements in/around Cameroon/Gulf of Guinea, including community relations projects like renovating schools and clinics. My work email is
    I’m a Navy civilian training officer supporting all USN deployers to Africa with language and cultural awareness tng content. Thanks, Mark

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