We dream of fairies when we have moths…

I’m going to start out with a quick shout out to my three favorite blogs o’the moment:
Daily Trail Runner: http://dailytrailrunner.com Join Karen for her daily runs through the trails of Southern California. She posts her insights and favorite nature photograph of the day. Support her in her goal of running at least one mile 365 days straight! Karen: Here’s to us Midwest Girls! BoHo Photography: http://bohophotography.blogspot.com Gorgeous photographs and reminisces by a wonderful Bohemian Soul-Sister, and updates on her cute little son. Photographer who captures artists? Fabulous. This is Glamorous: http://citified.blogspot.com Gorgeous. Simply. Gorgeous. Style for home and body, captures the essence of feminine beauty. C’est tres chic!

I’m no romantic, but I do enjoy romantic photographs and styles, shabby chic etc. Bless my mom for catching on to her before Target. Sorry Target, but you just can’t replicate life distressed flea market finds for $24.99. I’ll take a freaking old rusted bed frame. The kind that probably was host for many generations of births and deaths. Give me Chantilly lace table cloths with coffee stains, give me someone’s old formal gown from the 1930s, give me a beat up suit case that’s been places, and give me a book that smells like a library. I’ll take all these things before massed produced, over priced ‘perfection’ and chemical-laden Barnes and Noble. That’s just me.

Guide to living in the “happening neighborhood” before everyone else shows up and “gentrifies”: Find the neighborhood with cheap living, locally-owned businesses, that more than likely has a bad reputation for “being dangerous.” Move in and enjoy. One whiff of a Starbucks: Pack up and leave. Repeat.

You might be an artist if: you notice lines in everything…lines and curves and shading..oh my. You have ink and paint stained into your skin. You think old glass bottles and jars are gorgeous. You have an urge to weld bits of scrap metal into that old tree stump out back. You understand the term “asymmetrical symmetry”.

Do some people really dream in black and white? If you do and you read this, please comment. I want to poll my friends.

One of the best compliments I ever received was Senior year of High School, in my yearbook someone wrote “…you love to laugh.” One of the rare times in my life where I’ve felt that someone’s truly “gotten” me. Sneaked a peek at my very essence. I love to laugh. And because I was a good student, I often got away with talking and laughing with my friends during class. In Mrs. Widmar’s Pre-Calculus II class, my friend Amanda and I would crack each other up on everything. To the outside observer, it may have appeared we were high. We weren’t though. We were just aching for those deep belly laughs, the ones that start and don’t stop. A true case of the giggles. Here’s to those wonderful souls that can make anything funny. A nice reminder to not take this life too seriously. The only way to stay sane: laugh like a fool.

Here’s to Susan Branch and Mary Englebright, who’ve created (I assume) multi-million dollar businesses on books, calendars, and novelty items filled with fun doodles and wise-crackin’ sayings. Inspiration. May I one day publish my old college notebooks.

And here’s to the boys. May they always give me somethin’ to look at. 😉

And remember..fairies do float amongst us.


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