Trail Blazing

Inspired by (Hi Karen!)  I grabbed my camera and abandoned the soccer field I normally run on to hit the trails and take some nature shots of Baham! 

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  It was great fun.  I got caught in the rain about 45 minutes in and got soaked, but it was all worth it.  It’s funny, I always had this mental block about being an “athlete”.  I ran in high school, and was quite horrible at it, but I did it anyway more as a test of my will than do something that really scared me, and I survived.  These past three weeks, I truly enjoy running, and I’m progressing quite nicely.  It’s always fun to run by and have everyone I pass smile and give me two thumbs up and yell “du courage!”  They’re my own cheer leaders.  I found it difficult to keep pace as every two seconds I saw a great shot I wanted to take.  I have been inspired to run and have fun at it, take more pictures and post them online, and keep up more on the blogosphere!


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