Recent Poetry I wrote since being at post


If secrets are being told

let me voice a burning thought

I am a bitch to those

who love me

I come with closets of bones

of those I’ve trod on

and suitcases full of pain

My integrity is wrecked with holes

chewed through by moths

like cheesecloth and furry mold

because I love the appearance of perfection

but inside my dark rooms

there is the dark and musty smell

of a place that never sees the sun.

A Poem of Depression

Sucked into this vacuous self

Pulled deep into my core

At the center of myself there is nothing

Voided out compression

Sucking and pulling

No energy, not to scream,

not to push, or fight back

Just resignation to nothingness

And the pain of self-disappointment


and fear


Cosmic forces still align her

in a constellative web

incomprehensible except

to those doctors of metaphysics in the newspapers

she is as cold as the distance

between stars

her heart as still as Orion’s

like waiting in anticipation

but she’s holding her breath

against living

and searching for meaning

in coordinates

such vast being

each cell light years away

how can she feel anything

but that cold, like when

reaching for something

and missing it


One one


upon a clock

Frida’s lover

came into her




of siamese twins

do you melt like chocolate?

or scorch crisp with the stench of

burnt disappointment?

like finding lumps with your tongue

screaming and tearing


while death is so still

like finding that even in Africa

you’re still you?


she wants to be a part of the world

but how can you be a part

of something

when your feet are not rooted into


she touches the earth when she walks

but can never meld into this


when with each step, her feet

pull away pushing ever forward

into what?

she can’t be apart-cells into cells-

until she is planted into the dirt

and herself comes undone


One thought on “Recent Poetry I wrote since being at post

  1. Liz, I really like your poetry! I have so much respect for people who can mold words to say more than just words. You are amazing.

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