Random Wrap-Ups and To Dos

I received an email this week regarding my staging event.  It will be held September 16th in Philadelphia, and we begin our journey the following evening for Cameroon!  So far I’ve been very busy catching up on random stuff that needs to be done before I leave.  I have a nice window of time to complete such things right now, and I’m really getting a move on them.  Here’s my to do list, I may leave some things out but I think I’ve got it well covered for those of you interested in what these last few weeks prior to staging entails.

  • Fill out by Aug. 30th:  PST Bicycle letter (which requires being measured for proper mountain bike and helmet sizes), email headshot to country desk, create a new gmail account
  • Have 12 passport-sized photos taken
  • Buy necessities *see packing list
  • Complete 40 hours doing Rosetta Stone coursework
  • Contact a former teacher to do the Correspondence Match Program
  • Gather proper Peace Corps paperwork and have ready for staging:  Property insurance, life insurance/waiver, Set up a Power of Attorney, gather correct copies of student loan deferment forms and fill out, make arrangements for payments to be made while overseas (student loan interest payments, possibly life insurance ?), privacy waivers, Registration form for training, make arrangements for taxes, etc.
  • Renew drivers license as my current one will expire in Dec. of this year
  • Gather copies of immunization record and prescription medications



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